• Tumbling Rock Cave (map)
  • 2916 County Road 111
  • Fackler, AL, 35746
  • United States

Hello Rainbros, who wants to get out of their normal routine and comfort zone? A good friend of ours, Ryan Rodd, goes caving often and he will be our personal guide through Tumbling Rock Cave in Alabama. We already have 8 people going and he can allow us to add just 10 more. We will tell you all you need to bring like a bike helmet or equivalent and a flashlight. Many people are going to camp but we are planning to leave Atlanta at 9am, arrive there by 11:30am, go spelunking for 6 hours and then be back in Atlanta around 9pm. Some of us may decide to camp and stay but we can all do what we want to. You do not need any experience in caves but you do need to be a decent physical condition. You would need to be able to hike for 6 hours through the mountains. If you can do that then you'll be fine. We'd love to get 10 of you to have the experience of a lifetime. There is no cost to attend other than your supplies. By saying you're going, we will contact you and talk to you via phone about the details. I've been caving once and it's a worthwhile experience to have. Feel free to post any questions but again we will call you to answer everything. Ryan is a great guide and we will make this easy and fun for you. Adventure!!! Woo hooo!!! - James