You've been tapped on the shoulder (digitally) because we need your help to launch something good (really good). You'll receive a separate email or text from us. But we picked you for a reason and hope you'll give us a bit of your time and creativity.

Rainbros. is a group of people seeking to connect people in the Atlanta gay community for active mentoring. The resources that exist in the gay community are numerable. We are a diverse group of people coming from nearly every background. We are comprised of artists and athletes, performers and entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, engineers, and everything in between. We have a great capacity to love and share what we have with the world. Interestingly enough, this capacity often seems largely untapped and underused. But imagine if the potential could be unleashed to build community! Rainbros. would like to see a world where the abundance of the abilities of the gay community meet the needs of a world hungry for more. 

If you agree to come, then will send you our mission documents to give you a sense of the direction we'd like to take. The purpose of this meeting is to host an open and active discussion on how this can work in targeted launch phases we're proposing. Antything is up for grabs but we've put work into some general concepts to start from. We expect no commitment other than this meeting and if you're so inclined to help beyond this, that's awesome. If you only help this once, we'll be grateful for your time in either case. We will open the launch committee to a larger group after this first meeting so keep a list of names and we'll engage them in round two. 

Thanks for everything. Hope to see you there.

Mike Duffy and James Yancey