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Who are you (where you’re from, how long you’ve been in Atlanta, hobbies and interests, etc.)?

Originally from a small town in Arkansas, I moved to Atlanta in 2009 for graduate school.  After graduating I worked in Texas for a brief time before finding myself back in the city I have come to call home. Meaningful conversation with interesting persons is most certainly my favorite way to pass the time.  I am finding myself more and more interested in the state of our political discourse and often end up as that one person at a gathering who without fail ends up in a discussion about the state of our international reputation or latest gaffe out of one party or the other.  I also do not function unless I have been to the gym at least four days of the week.

What’s your experience with Rainbros?

I have met with several coaches over the past year.  I have been encouraged, helped and challenged in my journey to better myself and move into a position that is the right fit for me.  When my work schedule allows it I have attended quarterly gatherings, outings and the weekly walk + talk in Piedmont Park!

What kind of work are you looking for and why?

I am looking for a fresh start.  Though I have done some long term volunteer work and spent time as a hospital chaplain, my most recent experience is in retail management and I feel underutilized and uninspired.  I am hoping to find the right position where my passion for justice and people and my variety of experiences are an asset to my role. 

What’s something you’re reading or learning right now that excites you?

I have been revisiting a book given to me years ago, Comfortable With Uncertainty by Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist nun.  It is a book of short reflections that really encourage me to stay vigilant in my efforts to make a better life for myself!

I can be reached at mdyson09@gmail.com