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Who are you (where you’re from, how long you’ve been in Atlanta, hobbies and interests, etc.)?

I am from NC and lived in Atlanta from 2002 -2013. I was transfer to Florida and then Chicago and finally laid off this year. I want to come back to Atlanta and put roots down and be closer to my friends. I will also be moving my mother closer to me and being back in Atlanta would make that a much easier move for her. I love to cook and I am a huge food and wine person. I want to get back involved with the local LGBT community.  

What’s your experience with Rainbros? 

I have not had much involvement with the group other then keeping up with post. Mr. Yancey got me involved via social media and I have been very impressed with the group and would like to be a part of it once I return to Atlanta.

What kind of work are you looking for and why?

I have worked in real estate operations for the last 13 years with the same company. I enjoy real estate would like to stay in that field, however, I would be open to other opportunities, I have a long history of coaching employees with proven results.

What’s something you’re reading or learning right now that excites you? 

I just started how to "You are a bad ass". Just started it last night, but so far so good. I have been doing someconstituting work for some real estate agents and its been very eye opening to see it from  their point of view vs the corporate operations side.

I can be reached at