BELONG.LGBT Event Code of Conduct and Waiver of Liability:

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience at all Belong.LGBT events. As such all participants agree to the following:

--  I will as a host or participant treat all other participants with the same level of respect I would wish to be treated and will generally, behave as though an event is a relaxed but professional environment where there shall be no behavior that would be considered inappropriate, harassing, or discriminatory (If I am unsure I will err on the side of caution);

--  I expressly waive any and all claims of liability I may have against Belong.LGBT, any individual hosts of an event, and/or any other participants except for any criminal behavior or willfully destructive behavior by participants;

--  I understand that food and/or beverages may be served at pot luck dinners, picnics, or other similar events, and that this food/beverage may not be prepared by professionals and accept all the risk and waive any and all claims arising from consuming such food and/or beverages;

--  I understand that if I am of a legal drinking age, and choose to drink at an event I accept full responsibility to not drink to excess and will not drink past the legal limit and then drive or engage in any other risky behaviors, and if I do, drink to excess or engage in risky behaviors, I waive any and all claims of liability I may have against Belong.LGBT, hosts of an event, and/or any other participant. Further, I fully and expressly indemnify Belong.LGBT, event hosts, and any other participants for any and all liability arising from my actions relating to my participation in Belong.LGBT events;

--  I agree to all the legalese in the preceding paragraphs which are essentially legalese ways of saying that I shall as a participant host or attendee behave in a good and decent manner towards every other host or attendee at Belong.LGBT events. And I understand Belong.LGBT cannot guarantee that everyone will always do as they should. The Organization expects all participants to do the right thing.

By entering my information in the form below, I hereby represent and warrant that I have carefully read BELONG.LGBT Inc.’s Code of Conduct, and understand its contents and agree to abide by it. 

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